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Reading Books 


Children in reception will all be given their first reading book to take home to help support and develop their reading skills at home. This reading book needs to be kept in their school bag and should be brought back to school everyday. 


Reading books will be changed on a Monday onwards. They will only be changed once a week. We will be grateful if you can help support your child's reading skills by listening to your child read each day at home. Each time you hear your child read please sign and comment in your child's reading record and this will count towards the reading challenge. Details of which can be found on the website or the back of the school reading record. 


All children in Reception will begin with a wordless reading book to encourage their language and comprehension skills. You can support reading at home by asking questions of what's happening in the story, who the characters are and what might happen next. This can be done by reading a few pages a day or focusing on a page. It is important that the child has a deep understanding of the story which is built upon throughout the week.
As we start teaching phonics and your child is secure with recognising the sounds, we will begin to move each child onto a book that is phonetically plausible using the sounds in which we have learnt, only once your child is ready. 


Thank you 
Miss Vasiljevic

Giant African Land Snails

Reception have some new class pets! We have been given some baby Giant African Land Snails to care for. We can't wait to look after them and watch them grow. Some of these snails can grow up to 8 inches in length! Keep an eye on our webpage for all the snail updates.