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Who's Who

Fairhaven Primary School


Staffing 2019-20



Headteacher - Mr Tom Garner


Deputy Headteacher - Mr Rob Perkes


SENCo and KS2 Leader - Mrs Claire Ashton


RG - Mrs Alison Gregory

RM - Miss Rebecca Mills

1W - Mrs Clare Webster (Early Years’ Leader)

1/2R - Miss Charlotte Richards

2S - Mrs Andrea Smith

3H - Miss Charlotte Hutchinson

3/4BA - Mrs Sarah Baker/Mrs Claire Ashton

4P - Miss Cori Priest

5VT - Miss Jo Veeramah/Mrs Jessica Trask

5/6R - Mr Tom Rush

6E - Mrs Laura Edwards


Intervention, Nurture and Resilience - Mrs Claire Ashton


Administrative Staff

Office Manager - Mrs Justine Westwood

Office Assistant - Mrs Sam Thompson

Office Assistant - Mrs Heather Cutler


Teaching Assistants

HLTA - Mrs Tracy Blackmore

HLTA - Mrs Alison Coleman

HLTA - Ms Florence Benson

HLTA - Mrs Sue Pritchard

EYFS - Mrs Michelle Perkes

EYFS - Mrs Hannah Holden

EYFS/KS1 - Mrs Michelle Nixon

KS2 - Mrs Jenny Curry

KS2 - Mrs Julie Darlaston

KS2 - Mrs Amanda Mills

KS2 - Mrs Sarah Greatrex


SEN Teaching Assistants

Mrs Sarah Grosvenor

Mrs Nicola Coldicott


ICT Support Staff

Technician - Mr Jake Lavender


Sports Development Assistant

Sports Coach - Miss Holly Barber


Site Manager

Position Vacant


Lunchtime Supervisory Staff

Superintendent - Mrs Yvonne Williams

Supervisor - Mrs Jackie Quinn

Supervisor - Mrs Sharon Holt

Supervisor - Mrs Debbie Collins

Supervisor - Mrs Hannah Holden

Supervisor - Mrs Lisa Bloomer

Supervisor - Mrs Lynsey Thompson

Supervisor - Mrs Michelle Nixon

Supervisor - Mrs Heather Cutler

Supervisor - Miss Lauraleigh Langham


Cleaning Staff

Miss Debbie Wootton - Cleaning Manager

Miss Tracey Pinches

Mrs Christina Greenhill


Kitchen Staff

Mrs Gill Rowley - Catering Manager

Mrs Gail Rakowski

Ms Danni Dyer

Mrs Janice Lowe

Miss Cheryl Ball


Breakfast Club Staff

Mrs Tracy Blackmore - Leader

Mrs Hannah Holden

Mrs Julie Darlaston

Mrs Amanda Mills

Mrs Michelle Nixon

Mrs Heather Cutler


FAB Staff

Mrs Sarah Grosvenor - Leader

Mrs Sharon Holt – FAB assistant

Mrs Debbie Collins – FAB assistant

Mrs Jackie Quinn – FAB assistant

Mrs Lynsey Thompson – FAB assistant