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Visions and Values

Our Vision:


At Fairhaven, our aim is to be outstanding. 


We believe that a happy school community in which everyone feels valued and cared for is the basis for effective learning.  High expectations in everything we do means every child should be supported and challenged to achieve their full potential, having fun whilst learning and enjoying their time at school. 


We aim to develop pupils as individuals with a thirst for knowledge and learning that will last throughout their lives.  Collaboration between staff, parents, pupils, volunteers and the community is at the heart of developing the skills in our children that they need to succeed in life. 

We aim to provide inspirational experiences, creating memories whilst building strong foundations to base each individual pupil’s learning journey upon. 


In aiming for our vision we will build a strong sense of identity and pride in the school and school community through rigour and consistency, team work and collaboration.





Our Values: