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Remote Learning


Your work will be published here over the next few days.

Please photograph your work and e-mail it to for feedback.

Video Message from Mr Garner

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Can I show an understanding of editing?

Thank you for finishing your non-chronological reports about your dog. Now I would like you to read through them and edit them using a green pen. Have you included:

  • Adjectives
  • Capital Letters
  • Full Stops
  • Conjunctions
  • Fronted Adverbials


Once you have checked this, mark your marking ladder with green pen. Get someone at home to mark it too. Are there any more changes you would like to make?


Please remember to keep this work safe and bring it to school with you after Easter. We can then add this work to our English books so we all have a completed non-chronological report. 

Guided Reading

Can I read a text and make inferences? 

In this lesson we will read the next part of the story. We will focus on exploring character and looking at language.


Easter Cards

Had we been in school these are the Easter cards we would have made. Have a go at making one. All you need to do is create a colourful pattern on your card, then create a black and white doodle on your rabbit. Once you have done this, colour your sunglasses and glue them onto your rabbit and glue your rabbit onto your card.



Mental Arithmetic

Guided Reading 

Can I read a text and make inferences?

In this lesson we will read the opening part of The Giant's Necklace. We will look to understand the main character's personality by analysing language and a conversation between the main character and her mother.


Thank you for sending me your second and third paragraphs yesterday. They were fantastic and I have learnt so much about your dogs through reading them. Today, I would like you to write a fun fact and your conclusion.


Sum up everything you have written in your non-chronological report. 



SPaG - Choose your activity - * less challenging to *** most challenging

Guided Reading

The Giant's Necklace by Michael Morpurgo

Can I engage with a text?

In this lesson the children will find out the author of the book we will be studying and the name of the book. They will make inferences by looking at the front cover. They will learn some key vocabulary and then read the first couple of paragraphs. All their ideas in this lesson are to be collected on a mind map.


Can I apply my understanding of non-chronological reports?

In English, we have been writing non-chronological reports about dogs. So far we have written an introduction and finished paragraph one (and some children have started paragraph 2).


Today, I would like you to write paragraphs two and three to your non-chronological report - Diet, Dangers to Dogs or How to Take Care of Your Dogs depending on which ones you have chosen. 


I have attached a marking ladder to help you and please keep this work safe as we will be working on it again tomorrow. 


Can I evaluate a product?

Well done on making/starting your baskets yesterday. They are fantastic! 


Today, I would like you to evaluate you basket. Think about:

  • The skills you used
  • Did you keep to your plan? 
  • How do you feel about your product?

Our topic for this half term is... 




Our English learning is going to be linked to the following texts...







In Maths we are going to be learning about...



Times Tables Songs


Homework is set online every Thursday and is expected to be completed by Tuesday.

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