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Sport Premium

For the academic year 2023-24, it is estimated that Fairhaven Primary School will be allocated £18,480*.  The money is ring fenced so that it can only be spent on school sport.  This is how we intend to spend our allocation:







Provision of access to sports normally not available within school, delivered by specialist coaches.  These may include skiing, rock climbing, and archery.  This is a legacy link to the Olympics, which can be extended and developed beyond this academic year and is sustainable.



9 days (or equivalent) supply cover for competitive events where a teacher is required to attend and for cover to allow Subject Leader to attend Pentagon Subject Co-ordinator Meetings to organise inter-school competitions and develop sport and sporting opportunities across the partnership.

(at £180 per day).



Hire of coaches and minibuses to transport children to competitive events (e.g. swimming gala, cricket tournaments, bowls tournaments, etc.).



Employment of a sports coach to provide opportunities for pupils to engage in organised, high quality sport at lunchtimes, including engaging pupils normally reluctant to participate in PE, and promoting the use of table tennis tables.

To further support during afternoon sessions in P.E. and Games lessons to provide a higher adult to pupil ratio, an adult to set up and take responsibility for equipment, ensuring greater time efficiency for teachers so that pupils have the maximum amount of time to engage in P.E./Games.



Purchase of new equipment.






*This amount is based on a lump sum allocation of £16,000 plus an additional £10 per child aged between 5 and 11 (248 children based on the predicted October 2022 census data).

**In reality this spend will be higher as this figure does not include routine maintenance and repair of P.E. equipment.

£2,480 (£10 per child) + £16,000 = £18,480 (TOTAL).



We are required to publish information about the number of pupils who can swim 25m by the end of Year 6.


As of 28th June 2023, out of our current Year 6 cohort of 48 pupils, 45 of those pupils (94%) are able to confidently swim 25m unaided.


In addition, we are required to publish the following information:


94% of our current Year 6 pupils are able to use a range of strokes effectively;

71% of our current Year 6 pupils are able to perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations.

Sustainability Statement:

It is important to us at Fairhaven that our Sports Premium funding is spent in a sustainable way which actively promotes sport, encourages children to participate, increases pupil engagement and has a positive impact on pupil's physical fitness, healthy lifestyles, skills and behaviour.  We do this by:

  • Investing in our staff CPD through coaching provided by specialist sports coaches and specialist P.E. teachers;
  • Using the expertise we have within our own staff to support, coach and train other members of staff;
  • Using the funding to make it possible for our children to participate in sports competitions and tournaments during and outside of school time (through the funding of supply teachers and transport);
  • Supporting the provision of sports after school clubs;
  • Monitoring the impact to inform future spending;
  • Purchasing sports equipment.



The effect of the 2014-15 premium on pupils’ PE and sport participation and attainment.


The majority of the premium was spent on employing a sports coach one day per week.  This provided the opportunity for coaching and mentoring of school staff.  Staff were selected to receive coaching and mentoring based on experience or lack of experience in teaching P.E. and also based on their own requests for support with specific sports.  This has allowed us to upskill teachers in the delivery of a range of areas and sports in P.E.

At the start of the year a participation survey established which children took part in no P.E./Sport at all outside of P.E. lessons.  These children accounted for 21% across the school, comprised as follows:

Year 1:  5 children out of 24.  20.8%

Year2:  4 children out of 29.  13.8%

Year 3:  6 children out of 30.  20%

Year 4:  6 children out of 30.  20%

Year 5:  10 children out of 28.  35.7%

Year 6:  12 children out of 32.  37.5%

The provision of additional lunch time clubs and after school clubs (with no cost attached) has allowed us to provide a wider range of activities to attract the children who have not participated previously.  Lunch time clubs were set up specifically to involve these children (who were invited), either by taking an organising role or an active role.  By the end of the year 2014-15, 43% of non-participants had been involved in an after school club or competitions.


How these improvements will be sustainable.

Coaching and mentoring from a specialist sports coach has developed teachers’ ability and confidence in the teaching of P.E. and has provided specialised planning for teachers to build upon in future years.  Staff will continue to receive training and development opportunities from our P.E. co-ordinator.

Once established, clubs can continue to be run, either using future allocations of the sports premium to fund them, enabling us to provide them free of charge, or to be charged for.

A relatively large proportion of the budget was spent on equipment.  Much of our equipment was outdated, needed supplementing (now that we are a one-and-a-half-form entry school throughout), or adding to in order to provide opportunities for children to try new sports.  Whilst equipment will always have to be added to or replaced, this can be done on an annual basis and will not need such a large spend in future years.