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The Hidden Curriculum at Fairhaven

At Fairhaven we believe in giving our children as many different opportunities as we can - and the wider ranging those opportunities the better.  How many other primary schools offer skiing, archery and bouldering lessons on a weekly basis?


Below you will find a list of the extra things we offer.  We are currently developing this page and, over time, will be adding photographs and children's comments.





Residential Visits (Year 6)

Musical Instrument Tuition:

  • Guitar
  • Brass
  • Keyboard
  • Violin
  • Singing

Experiential Writing Trips (Pupil Premium – Year 4)

Curriculum trips – 1 per term per phase

13 after school clubs per week (range available changes half termly – see website)

Summer term Masterclasses

Sporting Competitions

Maths Competitions – Years 3 & 4 and Years 5 & 6

Little Think Positive Mental Health Club at lunchtimes and 1:1 sessions to support pupils with specific needs

Lunchtime pastoral clubs

School Bank


School Council

School Ambassadors

The Fiver Challenge

The Stationery Shop

House Captains

The Fairhaven Book of Records


  • Reception (Christmas)
  • KS1 (Christmas)
  • Year 6 (End of Year)

Open classroom afternoons

Fairhaven Friends Events:

  • 2 x Discos per year
  • Film Night

Friday evening ‘pyjama parties:’

  • Christmas
  • Harry Potter
  • Mary Poppins

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and Diana Award Training.

(Applied in 2019 for Dudley Anti-Bullying Accreditation).