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The Hidden Curriculum at Fairhaven

At Fairhaven we believe in giving our children as many different opportunities as we can - and the wider ranging those opportunities the better.  How many other primary schools offer skiing, archery and bouldering lessons on a weekly basis?


Below you will find a list of the extra things we offer.  We are currently developing this page and, over time, will be adding photographs and children's comments.


The Extra

Pupil Voice


“You learn from your mistakes.” CD Year 5

“There are lots of challenges.” LC Year 6

“The best bit is going from the top – I worked my way up.” LC Year 6

“It has made me more confident.” LP Year 4


“There’s loads of different challenges.” SL Year 5

“It’s up to you how high you go.” CG Year 6

“Teamwork while bouldering is important – it’s dangerous so your partner needs to be ready to catch.” SL Year 5


“My aim has got better in archery.” SL Year 5

“It’s all about team games and team work.” SL Year 5

Residential Visits (Year 6)

“I went because I wanted to try new activities.” MC Year 6

“I’m not used to being away from my family, but I was happy.” OB Year 6

“I loved the experience of being independent.” HC Year 6

“I was more mature…and brave!” HC Year 6

“I overcame my fear of heights” EC Year 6

“We got to try new experiences” EC Year 6

Musical Instrument Tuition:

  • Guitar
  • Brass
  • Keyboard
  • Violin
  • Singing

“It makes me feel happy. I like learning new songs.” FW Year 4 (Guitar)

“I can play in public now – I am more confident.” FL Year 5 (Violin)

“I sing in public now.  I always wanted to sing in pubic in front of people to make them happy; now I can.” ESS Year 5 (Singing)

“Last year I was unsure, but now I can play actual songs.” EK Year 3 (Keyboard)

“It’s helped me enjoy music more.” BB Year 4 (Keyboard)

“I’m at grade 2 now so I am improving.” TS Year 6 (Keyboard)

Experiential Writing Trips (Pupil Premium – Year 4)

“We go to the National Trust.” MC Year 5

“It’s fun going out to explore and learn about the people who lived there.  It makes writing more fun.” OE Year 5

“I like it because you are outside learning.” CD Year 5

Curriculum trips – 1 per term per phase

“I enjoyed the trip to the space centre – learning about space.” NH Year 6

“We have been to the museum to learn about the Egyptians.” EW Year 6

“Cadbury World was best. I liked eating chocolate.” BE/NH Year 6

“We went to the theatre to watch ‘Running Wild.” BE Year 6

“Frank Chapman was great.” JC Year 6

“I liked the sealife centre.  I enjoyed seeing the animals.” EW Year 6

“Warwick Castle was amazing.” EW Year 6


We went to the Black Country Living Museum on 07.11.19 to attend a Chemistry at Work event.  Here is what we thought of it:

“It inspired me to be a scientist.  It made science more exciting” OE Year 5

“It was exciting and special. We went down a mine and learned how to extract copper.” JM Year 5

“We did experiments with dry ice.  I learned how to make an explosion.” SM Year 5

“It inspired me to try new things.” EH Year 5

13 after school clubs per week (range available changes half termly – see website)


Summer term Masterclasses


Sporting Competitions


Maths Competitions – Years 3 & 4 and Years 5 & 6

“I’ve learnt to listen to teammates and work together.” TS Year 6

“We became a family of Maths.” EY Year 5

“I used to hate Maths – I love it now.” EY Year 5

“We helped each other – that’s why we did well.” EY Year 5

“I’d do it again because it was fun.” SW Year 6

“I liked all the different subjects and aspects of Maths.  It’s helped me using methods.” HC Year 6

Little Think Positive Mental Health Club at lunchtimes and 1:1 sessions to support pupils with specific needs

“It’s fun and relaxing and teaches us to calm down.  I feel better.” BB Year 4

“We do mindfulness and we listen to calm and relaxing music.  I enjoy going every week.  It helps me to express my feelings and calm down when I am worried.” OE Year 5

“It helps me with everyday problems.” MC Year 5

Lunchtime pastoral clubs


School Bank

“I manage the money and receipts. I have learned management skills.” HC Year 6

“I’m the cashier. I count the money and bank it. I have learned skills in money handling.” KW Year 6

“It’s fun – I have my own job.” ER Year 6



School Council

About our trip to the Houses of Parliament (19.11.19):

“I really liked the Houses of Parliament and learning about all of the things there. I also liked the London Eye especially seeing the pigeons.” IB Year 4

“I really liked the London Eye and seeing all of the famous places from above.” TC Year 4

“It was a great experience and I enjoyed everything. It was really interesting to learn how to make new laws and to be able to pass a law to ban homework.” KW Year 6

“Everything was great and I enjoyed the tour it was really interesting. It felt so special to be in the House of Commons. It’s not a normal thing day being in parliament and then seeing all of the sights.“ HW Year 5

“I really liked the whole trip and the London Eye was great especially being able to see Buckingham Palace. “ ER Year 6

School Ambassadors

“We make sure everyone is respecting school property.” TG Year 6

“I feel like a role model to others.  We influence others, so we have to be responsible.” PL Year 6

“It’s important to make sure the school is okay. We’re Ambassadors so people look up to us.  We do things like the cloakroom challenge to help the teachers.  I’m proud to be an Ambassador” EC Year 6

The Fiver Challenge


The Stationery Shop


House Captains

“We motivate children to do sports.” FE Year 6

“It’s very fun. We do things like welly wanging.” OB Year 6

“It’s not just sports – other competitions like the general knowledge quiz. I enjoy representing my house.” SW Year 6

“We support others.” JH Year 6

The Fairhaven Book of Records



  • Reception (Christmas)
  • KS1 (Christmas)
  • Year 6 (End of Year)


Open classroom afternoons


Fairhaven Friends Events:

  • 2 x Discos per year
  • Film Night


Friday evening ‘pyjama parties:’

  • Christmas
  • Harry Potter
  • Mary Poppins


Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and Diana Award Training.

(Applied in 2019 for Dudley Anti-Bullying Accreditation).

“We can make sure people play nicely and don’t get hurt. I feel proud to help others.” ID Year 6

“It makes you feel like you want to come to school.” AH Year 6

“It has been a good opportunity. I feel proud.” LS Year 6

“We make sure everyone is safe.” LS Year 6



Black Country Living Museum Chemistry at Work Day - 8.11.19

Amongst other exciting activities, we had the opportunity to glaze our own tiles, learning about the chemical processes involved.  They were then taken away and fired, before being returned to us at school.

David Baddiel Book Launch - 14.11.19 - The Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton

What the children said....


"It was really interesting listening to David talk about how he became an author."


"He gave us some good advice on how to become an author."


"David was really inspiring."


"I loved how he read, signed a copy of his book for each of us and when we had our photograph taken with him."


Year 6 pupils.

Houses of Parliament Trip - School Council - 19.11.19


We visited the Houses of Parliament, also known as the Palace of Westminster, on 19th November.  The purpose of the visit was to learn about democracy, so that we could return to school and organise our own general election, to be held on 11th December.

Our 'Mock' General Election Results - 11th December 2019

The 'mock' general election was organised by our School Council.  The School Council were divided up into the main political parties and then visited each class canvassing for votes!  On Wednesday 11th December every child in Years 1 to 6 had the opportunity to vote in our 'mocked up' Polling Station (using the real Polling Booths!).  The ballot box was opened and votes counted by our Ambassadors (who acted as Election Officials recording the names of those casting votes).  The process was overseen by observers (and Mr. Perkes).  Thanks to Mr. Perkes for the graphs (our very own Jon Snow!).

ME Festival (at Himley Hall) - 21st November 2019

The ME Festival was all about ways to well-being.  Children had the opportunity to learn about the 5 ways to well-being and interact with lots of different organisations.  They collected well-being stars, managing to win the well-being award.

Trip to the Molineux - Wolves Vs Liverpool (29th January 2020)

48 children and 5 members of staff attended the Wolves V Liverpool under 23's game on Wednesday 29th January at the Molineux.

We all had a fantastic time, made even better by the fact ex-pupil and member of the U23 squad, Taylor Perry, came on during the second half wearing the number 16 shirt.