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Admissions Arrangements


Fairhaven Primary School has a pupil admission limit of 45 children.


Completing Admission Forms

Children join reception class in school in the month of September following their 4th birthday. Admissions forms can be completed online, usually from the September/October prior to your child joining the school by pasting the following link:-

A 'Parents Guide to Primary School Admissions' booklet will be available on the website with information on deadlines and a FAQ tab is available. Admissions can also be contacted on 01384 814223 if you have any further queries.


Joining Reception

All children commence school at the beginning of the Autumn Term (see 'Information for Parents and Diary dates' tab).

Prior to joining our reception class, children are given an opportunity to attend school for a number of induction sessions during the summer term prior to their admission. Parents are invited to an evening meeting in school to discuss procedures, early learning needs and home-school co-operation.

Parents are also invited to attend an informal one-to-one interview with the teacher of the Reception Class. This enables us to complete a profile of each child and gives an opportunity to discuss any problems or queries that you may have.


In-Year Admissions

Applications for places other than at the normal point of entry.

In year school admissions are co-ordinated by Dudley Local Authority. If you would like to apply for a school place at Fairhaven School please contact Dudley School Admissions for an application form on 0300 555 2345 further information is available at admissions/changing-schools/


Class Arrangements

With an admission number of 45, it is necessary to group some children "across" year groups in mixed age classes. All class groupings are made on a mixed ability basis. The curriculum is organised in such a way that all pupils cover the appropriate work.

Children will be in mixed classes twice throughout their time at Fairhaven as follows:

If split in Year 1 they will be in a split class in Year 4

If split in Year 2 they will be in a split class in Year 5

If split in Year 3 they will be in a split class in Year 6