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In August 2022, we were awarded the Green Flag Award (with merit) for our commitment to developing and running our school in an environmentally friendly way. Thank you to all of last year's eco-councillors who worked tirelessly to make this happen. We are flying our Green Eco-School Flag with pride on our new flag pole, situated in the KS2 playground.

Fairhaven's Eco-School

Our Eco-School journey began in 2013 where our first Eco-Council was formed. Since then, our children and staff have worked continually to raise awareness of local, national and global environmental issues. Our Eco-council aims to educate the children of our school and those who live in our wider community on how we can look after the environment, live a more sustainable lifestyle and reduce our carbon footprint.


Each year, a member of each class is democratically elected by their classmates to become an eco-councillor for that academic year. A review of the school's current standing is undertaken and from this an action plan is formed. The Eco-council work with the staff and other children to develop our school to make it as eco-friendly as it can be.



Our school's Eco-Code has been developed by our Eco-Council to reflect our personal approach and values. Our Eco-Code is GREEN.


Get involved!


Recycle paper and cardboard to make our school greener.


Environmental respect is vital.


Earth – There’s only one, so look after it.


Nature is important to everyone in our school.