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Reading Books.


We operate a colour banded reading book system.  Whilst no one scheme is used in its entirety, books from the following reading schemes have been banded and incorporated into our reading book system: Oxford Reading Tree, Fireflies, Rigby Rockets.


The colour bands progress as follows:


Lilac (used in Reception).  These books have no words and are use as pre-readers.


Pink - working towards level 1


Red - Working towards level 1


Yellow - Level 1c


Blue - Level 1c/1b


Green - Level 1b


Orange - Level 1a


Turquoise - Level 1a/2c


Purple - Level 2c


Gold - Level 2b


White - Level 2a


Lime - Level 3c


The banding system does progress beyond this point with grey, burgundy and navy books, however it is our intention to move children off the banding