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Academy Consultation

The consultation regarding the proposal for Fairhaven Primary School to join St Bartholomew's CE Multi-Academy Trust will run from Monday 31st October 2022 until Friday 16th December 2022.

Letter detailing plans to academise

Equality Impact Assessment

Consultation Meetings


We are in the process of arranging meetings for Parents, Staff and Governors.  The dates will be published here once available and sent to parents via e-mail.


Meeting for Parents:       TBC

Meeting for Staff:            TBC

Meeting for Governors:   Tuesday 17th January at 6pm.

Have Your Say...

Questions from the consultation


Will Fairhaven Primary school become Fairhaven CofE Primary School?

No.  The school name will not change and the school will not become a faith school.  The Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) is comprised of faith and non-faith schools.


I have looked at the admissions policy for the other schools and note they have a pretty standard approach to children being educated outside of their natural cohort, I can presume there will be no issue for any children continuing their education outside of their chronological age cohort (following deferred admission)?

No, there will be no change to this policy.


How come that academy has been chosen? Why an academy out of the Dudley borough? Surely we should be given information about this academy, how its run, who's in charge, what they will bring to our child's school.

Please refer to the initial letter sent to parents on 18th October, as well as the consultation letter sent to parents on 31st October.  Both are available at the top of this page.

Further information about the MAT can be found here: 

There will also be an opportunity to ask questions at the meeting for parents which will be organised for later this half term.