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Remote Learning 6BA - Lockdown 2021


This is where you will find the school work for 6BA to complete at home whilst we are in National Lockdown.  The most recent work will be published at the top of the page with the previous days in order below.


Please email your work to:  and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can submit your work by emailing photographs, documents or scanned pieces...whatever is the best way for you! We are looking forward to hearing from you and seeing all the wonderful work that you complete.


If you are in Mr Perkes' Maths or English group, please email the Maths, Reading and English work to   and he will give you feedback. 


We hope to see you soon,

Mrs Baker and Mrs Ashton





Sketch Book Challenge WB 01.03.21


This week your theme is:



Remember to keep your sketches to bring into school when we are back!


A message to 6BA from Mrs Smith


Reading is so important, and we would like you to all continue with this while you are not at school, so that you can continue to progress but most of all enjoy the wonders of finding new knowledge or immersing yourself in another world. Reading can offer so many different things.   


I have thoroughly enjoyed coming into your classes each Thursday morning. Having a chat about reading and seeing all your wonderful progress. We are still unsure when school will be able to reopen but I hope that you are still reading at home. Please continue to read books of your choice and get an adult to record this in your Home Reading Record, when you have reached any of the milestones,  50, 100 , 150 reads then get an adult to email your teacher who will be able to send you a certificate to reward your achievement until we are back at school when you will be awarded your prize. I am extremely proud of all your achievements in reading this academic year and I don't want a pandemic to dent this. 


If you are continuing to work on your Reading Challenge that is brilliant.  If you haven't done this and would like another copy of it then email your teacher and we can get one sent to you to work on. Dudley Library Service is offering a free click and collect service so you can order all the books that you need for the Reading Challenge from them. 


I will be asking your teachers how everyone is getting on. Happy Reading! 


Mrs Smith 

6BA's remote learning...

Children's Antarctic Websites - Computing Lessons

Here are some of the Antarctic Holiday websites, created by the children in our phase. Have a look at what your classmates have designed and made. Click the links below to load the website.

NOTE: You must be signed into your school Google account (or the chromebook5-6 account) to view them, as they can only be viewed by members of our school. If a Google error message appears when you click on of the links below, it's because you're not signed into a school's Google account.










Monday 1st March 2021

Dear 6BA,


Happy March! How lovely it is to be enjoying some warmer weather, playing outside without a coat and seeing flowers start to grow in the garden! We hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for the last week of remote learning! We can't wait to see you all in school next week! 


This week, we will be posting lots of things about World Book Day 2021, so keep your eyes peeled! We are looking forward to seeing all your fantastic work.


Have a good week.


Mrs Baker and Mrs Ashton 

Mindful Monday 01.03.21

English 01.03.21

Can I explore simple and compound sentences?

In this lesson, we will be learning about clauses, simple sentences, coordinating conjunctions and compound sentences.


Reading 01.03.21

Can I engage with the text and the main character?

In this lesson the children will be introduced to a historical time period. They will read chapter 8 and answer some questions to help develop an understanding of the main character's personality.



Can I apply my understanding of long division?

Spelling 01.03.21

Can I use the apostrophe accurately? 

P.E. 01.03.21

Can I improve my stamina and strength?

Friday 26th February 2021

Can I use a formal method to divide larger numbers?

English 26.02.21

Can I explore prepositions?

In this lesson, we will begin by revising some spelling rules. Then we will practise identifying main and subordinate clauses. Next we will explore what a preposition is and apply our knowledge through a range of questions.


Reading 26.02.21

Can I analyse a setting and consider its impact on the reader?

In this lesson we read part of the climax and consider how the scene and atmosphere changes as the story progresses. We reflect upon our previous predictions and the genre of this text.

Spelling 26.02.21

Can I revise homophones?

French 26.02.21

Can I name types of transport in French?

Topic 26.02.21

Can I use atlases/maps to locate countries?

P.E. 26.02.21

Can I develop my strength and endurance? 

Thursday 25th February 2021

Can I use a formal method for division (long division)?

English 25.02.21


Can I analyse and write a conclusion?

In this lesson, students will learn about the future of pandas and what humans are doing to help conserve the species. They will then use this knowledge to write a conclusion to their non-chronological report.


Reading 25.02.21

Can I make inferences and predictions?

In this lesson we will read the rest of interview and consider Kevin's feelings, make predictions and consider the story arc in this short story.


A webpage with more about Wolf Brother:

Music 25.02.21

Can I develop an understanding of pulse and rhythm?


In this lesson, we are going to find the pulse and explore rhythm.

PSHE 25.02.21


Can I demonstrate an understanding of the link between mental and physical health?

Topic 25.02.21

Can I select and organise relevant historical information?

Wednesday 24th February 2021

Can I use factors to divide whole numbers?

English 24.02.21


Can I write the paragraph on habitat and diet?

In this lesson, students will use their plans to write their paragraphs on diet and habitat. The children will look closely at a modelled write to understand the expectations and write sentences that they plan to use in these paragraphs.


Reading 24.02.21


Can I consider a character's experience?

In this lesson we will read the next part of the story and make inferences to help us reflect upon how Kevin is feeling.


Here are some other books written by Michelle Paver:

Science 24.02.21

Can I explain and show how shadows can change shape?

Spelling 24.02.21

Can I revise the 'ough' letter string?

Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Can I divide accurately using an efficient method?

English 23.02.21


Can I plan the paragraph on habitat and diet?

In this lesson, children will use their notes from the research lesson to create a plan for their paragraphs on diet and habitat. They will use this plan in the next lesson to help with their writing.


Reading 23.02.21


Can I  consider the author's use of language and further understand the main character?

In this lesson the children will read the next part of the story. We will consider the author's use of language. We will then keep reading and reflect upon what we can infer about Kevin, the main character.



Here is a summary of the book:

Topic 23.02.21


Can I demonstrate a chronologically secure understanding of Victorian Britain?

Spring Term 2 2021



In Maths, we will be learning about:



Measurement, Area, Perimeter, Volume



In English, the books we will be reading are:




This half term our topic is:


We will be learning about the The Victorians.




Please practise your spellings by playing the games on the following website:


Please practise your multiplication and division facts and square numbers using the following game:


This will really help you in your SATs!


Here is a website to help you with your word origin spelling homework:






Games and activities to practise spelling:



An excellent website with reasoning and problem solving questions linked to the year 6 Mathematics objectives:


A website with online activities to help with children's SPaG learning:


Definitions of grammatical terms that children will need to know:


A great revision tool for lots of different subjects:


Links to books/authors children might want to read whilst in year 6:


Websites to help with our Topic learning: