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Following our discussions at parents consultations, I have put together some resources which you may find useful to assist with helping children with their learning at home.

Our Starbooks Library

Welcome to 4P's Starbooks Library! Miss Priest has revamped our reading area to now include  'Starbooks' and 'Bookflix' sections.


The Bookflix section of our reading display shows all of the texts that we study in 4P but in a funky Netflix layout.


Our Starbooks library has been created in order to promote reading for pleasure at home. The library is jam-packed with a variety of new and exciting books purchased especially for 4P! We're able to choose books of interest to read during our allocated 'Reading for Pleasure' time on a Friday. As well as this, we're also able to bring our Starbooks book home so that we can immerse ourselves into our chosen book without having any time restrictions! Each time we bring our Starbooks book home, our loyalty card is stamped and we are one step closer to receiving a free prize for 10 reads at home. Therefore, the more that we read for pleasure, the more chances we have to win lots of cool prizes! 


Children reading for their own pleasure is so important as we want them to become confident and fond readers. Reading can provide an escape from reality and I believe that this can be especially helpful for children during the pandemic, which can be a somewhat frightening and an uncertain time for our children. A book can give them a sense of comfort, a blanket of stability and a mind full of happiness.


Reading increases a person's understanding of their own identity, improves empathy and gives them an insight into the world view of others (The Reading Agency 2015).

This half term, we will be studying...

The topic that we will be studying this half term is...

Homework newsletters will be published here each Thursday and need to be completed by the following Tuesday.

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Useful websites...


A fantastic website with games, activities and quizzes about English, Maths and Science:


Definitions of grammatical terms that children will be learning about:


A great website to help children with their French learning:


Websites to help with children's topic learning this term:

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