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Food tasting session

Today, we learned about using our 5 senses to help us describe our food. We tasted ginger, mint, lemon, tomato, bread, lettuce and honey. We thought about where on our tongue we could taste the different flavours - sweet, salty, bitter and sour. 

Your Tongue: The Taste-Maker!

I am so proud of all the children in 3G!

Each and every one of them are making me smile each day with how hard they are all working and what fantastic work they are producing. 

Keep up the super attitude 3G!

You are all FANTASTIC!


Mrs Gregory

Our topic this half term

In year 3, we will be investigating rainforests using the internet, information books, globes, atlases and maps. We will be learning about predators in the rainforest and linking this to our science work of food chains. 

Rainforests 101 | National Geographic

Rainforests are home to over half of the world's plant and animal species. Learn about tropical and temperate rainforests, how they contribute to the global ...

Scratch online

Mental health and well being is of paramount importance and, in 3G, we talk each and every day about our thoughts, feelings, mood and emotions. Here are some online sites which can be used at home to support your child and to encourage them to open up and talk about things which may be on their minds.

Mathematics Autumn Term

Place Value - Weeks 1-3

3 Times Tables - Have Fun Learning!

Practise your three times table with this song!

3 x table problems

Skip counting by three.

We will be using this story in our English lessons over the next two weeks.

Illustrator of Flat Stanley stories

Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown

Author: Jeff Brown Illustrator: Macky Pamintuan Genre: Fiction Suitable for grades 1-5. Reading level: M

Word Class Song

Learn about different word classes using this video!

Teeth and Eating

Your Teeth Explained by Colgate

Watch the video to find out about your teeth, their structures, the different types, ehat causes gums to bleed or recede and what you can do to help stop it.

Learn French hello song - Bonjour, Hello

Learn to greet people in French! BASHO & FRIENDS is a place where young people can explore languages, cultures, and learning through ridiculously fun music, ...

Autumn 1 Curriculum Newsletter

I’m looking forward to seeing you all soon!

It’s not long until we start our adventures in Year 3 together and I’m excited about having fun and learning lots of new things this term! I hope you are too!