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we’re a few weeks into the school year and the children in 3G are still working their socks off and being little superstars!

Keep it up year 3!

Au revoir!




GAMES Games and puzzles are a great way to distract yourself, lift your mood or settle your mind. When you need to feel calm, playing games that help you work through your feelings or give you a different focus can be really helpful.

Candle of Concentration | Cosmic Kids Zen Den - mindfulness for kids

This half term we are learning about:

Our second text from our literature spine is The Iron Man by Ted Hughes

Which book cover do you like the most and why? Is there one you like the least? The story is the same inside all four books; only the cover has changed! 

Our second unit of work is addition and subtraction.

Number Gators (Greater Than, Less Than Symbols Song)

3 Times Tables - Have Fun Learning!

Play this game by clicking the link below!

I am warrior- The Romans

ROMAN EMPIRE | Educational Video for Kids.

How To Draw A Roman Soldier

Boudicca & the Roman Invasion | The Story of Britain | BBC Teach

Class Letters

Thursday 14th October

Work is set on and Mymaths for homework. 

Homework 30.09.21

Homework 23.09.21

Homework 16.09.21

Homework Thursday 09.09.21

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