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Spring 1 2021



Home Learning 

This is where all of the school work will be published for 2S while Fairhaven is closed due to the National Lockdown. The most recent work will be published at the top of the page with the previous days in order below. Please email your complete work to and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can email photographs, documents  or scanned pieces of work. Whatever is easiest for you. I am looking forward to hearing from you all and seeing your fantastic work. 

Friday 22nd January

Well done to all of you (parents included) our 3rd week of home learning nearly completed.  


We are continuing to look at the short /u/ sound when spelt with the letter ‘o’ today. 

Task 1 -  Please find the short /u/ sound when spelt with the letter ‘o’ in the extract in the link below. 

Task 2 - Then ask an adult to test you on spelling these words.

above, another, among, brother, come, cover, done, dove, dozen, front,  glove, money, honey, love, Monday, none, monkey, month,  mother, oven, nothing, onion, other, wonder, some, son, sponge, worry . 


I have been pleased with the work all the children have completed this week on recognising, making and adding equal groups. Using practical equipment is so important in teaching the concepts of multiplication and division. Today I want the children to focus again on making equal groups. Please watch the video and then complete the questions on the power point.

Making Equal Groups


In today’s lesson we will explore the role of subordinating conjunctions. We will then make sentences using when, it, that, and because. We will finish by considering the position of subordinating conjunctions in a sentence. 


Today we will go back to London Museum which has some great resources regarding The Great Fire of London.  

Create your very own lolly stick theatre and retell the story of the Great Fire of London. Follow the simple instructions, with templates ,to create your own theatre for your performance. Click on the link to the pdf


To mark the 350th anniversary of The Great Fire of London The London Museum worked with Minecraft to create a detailed virtual map of 17th century London. Please note to access any of these maps you need to have a Minecraft account.  However the videos on this link are free and will give children a good virtual representation of what London looked like.  Click on the link below.  

HSBC To Buy Or Not To Buy

Today at 1.10pm  if you would like to join and haven’t received the password please email by 11am today. Please note that I am not able to access my email when the session is live. It is worth joining if you can I know all the children really enjoyed it last week. 


Focus on Unit 23 Page 9  oo, oon , oom

Story Time 


Thursday 21st January 2021  




Today we will continue to look at grouping, recognizing equal groups. Please click on the video for today’s teaching and then work through the questions on the power point.



We are looking at the short /u/ sound when spelt with the letter ‘o’


Today we will continue to look  at writing an explanation looking at how we need to use cause and effect. This lesson also incorporates looking at spelling common exception words and rhyming couplets. You will need a piece of paper and a pencil.  Finally complete the sentence, I would fly to ……..  I’m looking forward to hearing your replies to this. My sentence would be I would fly to Churchill in Canada because I would like to see a polar bear.

Physical Education 

Today’s PE session focuses on jumping to develop coordination and balance. Today’s lesson uses socks and rolled up tea towels, but it is possible to complete the activities without any equipment. Please click the link below and watch the video for lesson 6 – jumping in combination.


Today we are looking at the time line of events of the Great Fire. Read the power point to find out more information. Cut the pieces of information out and stick on the timeline.  



Great Fire of London Powerpoint


Focus on Unit 22 Page 7


Find out more information about Julia Donaldson 



Wednesday 20th January 2021

Thank you to all the parents who are also getting the children to write me a message. It is very much appreciated.


We are  continuing to look at the short /u/ sound when spelt with the letter ‘o’. Read the words in the link below along with the sentence which demonstrates them in context. (Called Study)  Then play the spelling game look cover check. (Called Learn)


Today’s lesson focus is on making equal groups. Questions to ask:  How many equal groups are there? How many in each group?  Click on the video to see how to make an array. Then answer the questions in the power point.

Maths Power Point Making Arrays


Today’s lesson focuses on telling an explanation from memory. Please click the link below to access. Comprehension questions as well as a deep-thinking question are included. You will need a pencil, piece of paper and your explanation map from yesterday. Challenge, can you find any more facts about birds? There is also work set on


Today’s PE session focuses on rocking and rolling, which helps to develop coordination, strength and balance. You don’t need any PE equipment to complete this lesson, you can use household items, such as a sock.  Please click the link below and watch the video for lesson 4 – rock and roll gymnastics.


Today we are starting to think about creating our presentation on the Great Fire of London. Please look at the Power Point linked below which looks at what a presentation is. Some of you may be able to read this yourselves, some of you may need an adult to read it with you. Once you have looked at the PowerPoint, write down some ideas about what you could include on your Power Point on the Great Fire of London. You could use the example from slide 8 on Florence Nightingale to help you along with the blank presentation template on page 7.


Dudley Libraries are now open and are offering a click and collect service. Details can be found on the Dudley website. 

Tuesday 19th January 2021

Thank you to everyone who sent in work yesterday.  


Match the words to the correct sentences. Then use the words to write your own sentences to demonstrate that you can use these words in the correct context.


Today’s focus is on using equal groups to find a total. Again it is worth using practical equipment. We had some brilliant examples yesterday books, crayons, hula hoops !  Use the video below and then answer the questions on the power point. 

Maths Power Point add Equal Groups


This is the first lesson in our unit on learning how to write an explanation. You will hear an explanation about how birds fly today. You will then map out the explanation, to help you understand the sequence. You will need a pencil and a piece of paper.

A further guide on explanation writing is given by Chris Packman on the BBC link.   


Practise Page 6 Unit 21 Extension 


I thought that you would all like to learn the nursery rhyme London's Burning. You could perhaps make up your own actions. Look at the London Museum link for some ideas of actions and to learn about the origins of the rhyme. Then click on the BBC  link to learn the words to the rhyme. Finally when you are  confident you know all the words click on the link with just the music and sing along. I can't wait to hear your performances.


Today we are looking at baptism and why this ceremony is important to Christians. Some children may have been baptised so photographs and discussion around this can be shared. Look at the power point and discuss. The videos are very short (less than 3 minutes each) but provide a useful visual insight into what baptism means. There is also a link to a short story about a missing baptism shawl. 


Write down what you have learnt about baptism. 


Today we are looking at understanding our rights and responsibilities. Thinking about how we should be treated and how we should behave at home and school. Discuss the suggestions on the worksheet do you agree are they a right or a responsibility. Can you think of any more rights and responsibilities?

Physical, Social, Health and Economic Education


Superworm by Julia Donaldson  

Monday 18th January 2021

Thank you to everyone who sent in work last week. It was wonderful to see all your home learning. You are all doing brilliantly. 

Thank you also to everyone that joined in the HSBC session on Friday afternoon. I think I learnt a lot too! I know from all your emails and comments on the chat during the session you all enjoyed it. We have another session this Friday. This session is To Buy or Not To Buy. If you are able to join please email me and I will send joining details.

Examples of Work From Last Week

Mindfulness Monday 

Each Monday we start in school with our Mindfulness Session. Think carefully about your breathing. Think about the breathing exercises we did last week. If you have forgotten or would like to try some new techniques follow the link below. On this site you will also find information if you are feeling anxious or worried on how to make a stress sock, which might help you.


 This week we will look at the following:

 The short /u/ sound is spelled with the letter ‘o’. This is often the pronunciation before

‘th’, ‘v’ or ‘n’. Write the word other. Ask your child to help you say the word. Add the letter ‘m’ on to the front of the word other and ask the children what word you have made. Remove the ‘m’ and add ‘br’. Now what word has been made?  Explain that sometimes words that sound the same have the same spelling pattern and this can help them learn to spell the word. Repeat for love, glove and dove, and money and monkey, highlighting the u sound. Ask the children to practise writing a selection of these words which will focus on this week.

above, another, among, come, cover, done, dove, glove, money, honey, love, Monday, none, monkey, month,  mother, oven, nothing, onion, other, wonder, some, son, sponge. 


Today we start our unit on multiplication and division.  We would use practical equipment in school to introduce this, I would suggest using pasta or if you really want an incentive sweets!

We will begin by using stories which link to pictures to explore making equal groups and write statements such as “There are ____ groups of ___." The expectation is that children will then recognise and explain how they know they are equal or not. They will see equal groups that are arranged differently but can still be equal in number. Use the video link below and then use the power point sheets to reinforce learning. 

Worksheets Make Equal Payment


Our last lesson today on this unit of work. In this lesson, we will take a third key scene in the story and write it with a focus on making the description vivid to paint a clear picture for the reader.


Today in Science we are looking at what humans need to stay healthy. Please click the link below and watch the video at the top of the page. Then click on the food items below to learn about how much of each food type we need. Please write some sentences to explain what humans need to stay healthy. There is also a quiz at the bottom of the page that you can take to test your understanding. For a challenge, which foods do you think we should eat a lot of and which foods do you think we should only eat a little of? 


Page 5 Unit 21 Practise joining the following letters ck , ack, ick, eck,  Then practise writing these words pack, lack, snack ,back, hack, rack, pick, quick.

Handwriting Page 5 Unit 21


This week we will continue looking at stories by Julia Donaldson.  



In maths  this half term we will be learning about





In English we will look at the following text















This term our topic will be Turrets and Towers. 

 We will look at castles and the origins of them.  


Useful websites