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The Gruffalo

The Gruffalo 1
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The ABC Nativity

PLEASE help your child to learn their words OFF BY HEART as soon as possible. This will help us to practise our play!

Please supply your child with their costume for this Christmas production by Monday 3rd December. 



Dear Parents,

Just a reminder that your child can come to school wearing spotty clothes on Friday 16th November in support of Children in Need.

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Dear parents, 

All children have been given their own sticker chart, which will be kept in school. Children will collect a silver or gold sticker each time they move up the zone board. When your child has 5 silver or 5 gold stickers then they will receive a certificate to say well done. Certificates will then be given out for earning 10, 15, 20 stickers etc.

Sticker charts will then be sent home at the end of each half term for children to keep at home.

We are now also awarding a ‘listener of the lesson’. Look out for your child receiving this award on tapestry for super looking, listening and thinking.

Bonfire night is nearly here! Whilst many of you will be attending a Bonfire night display or having fireworks at home, it is important that we remember to stay safe! Here's Fireman Sam reminding us of some safety tips for Bonfire night. 

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Week 8 - Halloween

Week 8 - Halloween  1 Harvey-James’ pumpkin
Week 8 - Halloween  2 Writing area
Week 8 - Halloween  3 Role play
Week 8 - Halloween  4 Maths area
Week 8 - Halloween  5 Reading area

Homework Week 7

Exploring Autumn

Exploring Autumn  1
Exploring Autumn  2
Exploring Autumn  3
Exploring Autumn  4
Autumn is here! 
We have been learning about autumn and, today, we went looking for signs of autumn in our school environment. 
We found:
* fungi
* autumn leaves - red, yellow and Orange
* fruits and seeds
* helicopter seeds
* snails
Ask your child to tell you all about autumn and to spot these signs when they're out and about! 

Homework Week 6

Thank you so much for the sponsor money which children have returned from their autumn scavenger hunt. We have raised over £300 and this will go a long way towards buying new resources for our reception classes. If you still have money to collect or bring in, anytime this week would be great. 

Thanks again for your amazing support! 

Maths area

Maths area 1
Maths area 2
These are some of the ‘jobs’ which children will be encouraged to do over the upcoming week. We are continuing our work on 2D shape and continuing to count carefully, matching objects to numerals and find missing numbers in a sequence.

Writing area

Writing area 1
Children are really starting to use their phonic knowledge now to have a go at writing words and matching sounds to letters. We are encouraging children to attempt to write simple sentences ‘I can...’ using their phonics to segment the sounds they hear in words and to write these sounds down in the right order to spell simple words.

Reading area

Reading area 1

How wonderful that children are spotting ‘tricky’ words in books and around them. Children are learning to spell these words using magnetic letters this week.

We are making real and nonsense words using the sound dice. Your child can also do this using the sounds in their word tin.

HOMEWORK Week 5 Autumn Term

HOMEWORK Week 4 Autumn Term

Autumn Sponsored Hunt

Autumn Sponsored Hunt 1

We hope children are enjoying getting out and about finding conkers, chestnuts, sticks and pine cones! 

We will be extremely grateful of any amount of sponsors... however small or generous. All amounts raised will go directly into funding activities in reception class and purchasing small world play and resources for your child to use to broaden their learning experiences. 

Mathematics Week 5 Autumn Term

Mathematics Week 5 Autumn Term 1
Mathematics Week 5 Autumn Term 2
Mathematics Week 5 Autumn Term 3
Here’s a look at a few of the activities which will be in our math’s area next week. Children will be encouraged to recognise numerals and count objects accurately. We will be continuing our work on pattern. After lots of input from both school and home, we will be talking about 3D shapes using language such as ‘face’, ‘edges’ and ‘flat’ and ‘curved’. 

Literacy Week 5 Autumn Term

Literacy Week 5 Autumn Term 1
Literacy Week 5 Autumn Term 2
Literacy Week 5 Autumn Term 3
Literacy Week 5 Autumn Term 4
Literacy Week 5 Autumn Term 5
Literacy Week 5 Autumn Term 6

Children have been enjoying learning new sounds and words. It’s wonderful when they start to see that they can read! 

In our reading area, we will be encouraging children to sort objects into sets of ‘g’, ‘o’, ‘c/k’ and practise linking sounds to letters. Some children have started to find ‘tricky’ words in books so stay on the look out for ‘the’, ‘to’, ‘go’, ‘no’, ‘I’ and ‘of’! 

We will be practising our skills of blending sounds to say and read words. Keep practising this at home with your child!

Letter formation is continually being practised and children are showing progress with this. They can practise forming letters in the writing area, using whiteboards, clipboards and when writing their names. 


Reading  1

Please comment in your child’s reading record each time your child reads at home.

A few minutes a day practising sounds and words in the word tin and reading a couple of pages of the book (if your child has a reading book) would be ideal.

Reading records need to be in bookbags EVERY DAY.


Homework for Friday 21st September

Children will come home with a homework folder tomorrow. We would be grateful of your support at home as the homework reinforces the hard work which your child has done at school that week. Homework folders and word tins must be in your child's bookbag every Friday for new homework to be put in. You do not need to send any previous homework back. Thank you for your ongoing support. Please see Miss Mills or Mrs Gregory if you have any worries or questions about the homework. 
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Children have been asked to find out the ages of their family members. Who is the oldest / youngest in the house?

We are encouraging children to learn about numbers by thinking about ages and how old people will be on their next birthday. Find these ages on a number square to aid number recognition and place value. 


Number song 1-20 for children | Counting numbers | The Singing Walrus

The Singing Walrus presents "Number song 1-20 for children" - an upbeat chant that helps kids count the numbers 1-20. The kids all count from 1-20 together three times, each time counting faster than the previous. This is perfect for preschool aged children, and for young learners of ESL and EFL!

Number formation

Number formation  1
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Jolly Songs 42 sounds and vowel song

Uploaded by Chrissy Durham on 2017-01-26.

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Phase 2 Articulation of Phonemes

Uploaded by Sandy Macdonald on 2016-03-16.

Phase 3 Articulation of Phonemes

Uploaded by Sandy Macdonald on 2016-03-16.

Tricky words

We will learn to read and spell these words during our time in reception. 

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Tricky Words and Sight Words Song Check out our printable phonics resources and online games! A tricky word/sight word song for children covering the, I, go, no, to, she, he and we. Tricky words, these are tricky tricky tricky tricky tricky words! Don't let them trick you!

Phase 3 Tricky Words Song Say Hello To

Phase 3 Tricky Words song as requested by many :) Tricky words/sight words featured me, be, was, you, my, all, are, they, was. Tricky words These are tricky, tricky, tricky, tricky tricky words That you can learn, learn, learn, learn Tricky words Don't let them trick you They are just tricky words Don't let them trick you Say hello to me, me, me, me, me m and e spells me Don't let it trick you.

Reading - How we can help children to learn to read

Reading - How we can help children to learn to read 1
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Picture 2

Writing - How we can help children to learn to write

Writing - How we can help children to learn to write 1
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Don't forget..!

Don't forget..! 1

Please send in (or upload to tapestry) a family photograph. It would be great if you could do this by Monday 10th September.

Thank you! 

Autumn 1 Newsletter - This will also be sent home with your child today.

Together we are a masterpiece...

Together we are a masterpiece... 1

Well done to ALL of the children today for coming into school so well and having a great day! 

Well done to all of the mums, dads and family members for helping the staff to settle the children so quickly onto the carpets ready to start their day in reception class. 


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Reception Staff

Reception Staff 1 Mrs Gregory
Reception Staff 2 Miss Mills
Reception Staff 3 Mrs Holden
Reception Staff 4 Mrs Perkes
Videos of our classroom

Reading area

Still image for this video

Role play area

Still image for this video

Maths area

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Writing area

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Outdoor area

Outdoor area 1
Outdoor area 2

We’re getting ready for September!

We’re getting ready for September!  1 Role Play Area - Happy Birthday!
We’re getting ready for September!  2 Make a cake!
We’re getting ready for September!  3 Reading Area
We’re getting ready for September!  4 Writing Area